New York Jewish Film Festival 2013

Cabaret-Berlin: The Wild Scene


Film runs
Mon, Jan 21
Tue, Jan 22

Cabaret-Berlin: The Wild Scene
Cabaret-Berlin, la scène sauvage | Fabienne Rousso-Lenoir, 2010
France/Germany | German with English subtitles | 70 minutes

Director Fabienne Rousso-Lenoir in person at both screenings!

Built like a cabaret show and emceed by actor Ulrich Tukur, this mesmerizing and exuberant assemblage of archival film, sound, and visual culture offers a front row seat to the best show in town: Berlin’s Weimar Republic cabaret scene, home to Europe’s most innovative and experimental artists, writers, and musicians. Jewish entertainers played a leading role in the cabarets, and paid a hefty (and early) price for their wit and irreverence. Rousso-Lenoir’s brilliantly conceived film is a tragic and beautiful love letter to a golden age of entertainment.

Series: New York Jewish Film Festival 2013

Venue: Walter Reade Theater

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