An Evening with Moussa Touré: TGV


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An Evening with Moussa Touré: TGV
Moussa Touré, 1997
France/Senegal/Germany | French and Wolof with English subtitles | 90 minutes

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Filmmaker Q&A on April 9!

TGV is an express bus service between Dakar, Senegal, and Conakry, Guinea, operated by the enterprising Rambo and his assistant, Dembo. Before setting off, Rambo and his passengers are warned of the danger that lies ahead on their route. The Bassari are carrying out a revolt at the Guinea border, leading to an exodus of refugees from their villages. On hearing the news, only a dozen or so passengers decide to make the risky trip. During the arduous journey, each passenger’s motivation for making the trip is slowly revealed.

Series: 20th New York African Film Festival

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