Making Waves: New Romanian Cinema 2012

A Dream’s Merchant


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A Dream’s Merchant
Un gând, un vis, Doyle... şi-un pix | Bogdan Ilie-Micu, 2012
Romania | Romanian | 172 minutes

Free screening! North American Premiere!

One hot July morning, Mihai Barbu jumps in the saddle of his trusted friend, Doyle, says goodbye to friends and loved ones, and embarks on a long journey. The film is long too, but don't get intimidated by its three-hour running time. Constructed almost entirely from still photos masterfully synchronized with audio commentaries, this challenging and hypnotic documentary tells the story of an adventurous one-man motorcycle expedition into the depths of the Russian Federation and far beyond into Mongolia. It's challenging because it's less a classic documentary and more a careful exploration of various media, making first-time director Bogdan Ilie-Micu’s enterprise closer to Chris Marker's La Jetee than to National Geographic. It's a hypnotic achievement, mostly because of Barbu's inherent charisma; his genuine sense of humour and wonder when faced with otherworldly landscapes and foreign cultures is something that anyone can understand and resonate with deeply.

Series: Making Waves: New Romanian Cinema 2012

Venue: Film Center Amphitheater

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