Rendez-Vous with French Cinema 2012

18 Years Old and Rising


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18 Years Old and Rising
J’aime regarder les filles | Fred Louf, 2011
France | Format: 35mm | 92 minutes

Director Fred Louf in person!

France, 1981. The country prepares for a presidential election that will decide the fate of François Mitterand; old alliances are shredding, and new ones being born. And Primo, a young man from a modest family from the provinces, falls head over heels for Gabrielle, a young woman from an haute bourgeois Parisian family. Primo goes to extraordinary lengths to impress Gabrielle and her friends, even ignoring the overtures of Delphine, who would gladly take Gabrielle’s place. Propelled by an outstanding lead performance by Pierre Niney—currently the youngest member of the Comedie Francais—Fred Louf’s delightful first film puts an inventive spin on a classic tale of first love, reflecting changing ideas about social class and identity.

Series: Rendez-Vous with French Cinema 2012

Venue: Walter Reade Theater

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