Yilmaz Güney

Actor, writer and director Yilmaz Güney was most notably part of the Young Turkish Cinema, a small handful of Turkish directors who used filmmaking to address the problems of the people instead of sticking to the state-sanctioned play adaptations and melodramas. Güney studied law and economics until he began filmmaking at age 21. In 1961, Güney was arrested for writing a communist novel, in 1972 he was imprisoned for hiding anarchist students, and in 1974 he began a 19-year sentence for shooting a judge. During his imprisonment he wrote, The Herd (1979) and The Enemy (1980), both directed by Zeki Ökten. His films were mostly unknown outside of his homeland until his escape from prison and exile to France in 1981. He died of gastric cancer in 1984.

Yilmaz Güney Films

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