David Cronenberg

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David Cronenberg

Born Mar 15, 1943. From Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

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Known as both the godfather of body horror and the director of polished, archly crafted dramas, David Cronenberg rose to prominence with gruesome, allegorical thrillers like “Shivers” (1975), “Videodrome” (1983) and “The Fly” (1986). His work reached new acclaim with"Dead Ringers” (1989), which Film Society Programmer Richard Peña has said he tried to feature in the New York Film Festival only to be told it “wasn’t an art film.” He’s won swaths of awards over the years, including a Special Jury Prize from the Cannes Film Festival (for 1996’s controversial “Crash”) and a Silver Bear from the Berlin Film Festival (for “eXistenZ,” 1999). He recently directed the Oscar-nominated films “A History of Violence” and “Eastern Promises,” as well as psychosexual Freud thriller “A Dangerous Method. “

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