Raúl Ruiz

Prolific, philosophical, and powerful, Chilean director Raoul Ruiz’s films have left an indelible mark on world cinema.

Raised in Chile, Ruiz found his roots in writing avant-garde theatre and directing film and television. With the release of his first feature film, Tres Tristes Tigres in 1968, Ruiz became recognized as one of the most prominent Chilean directors of New Latin American Cinema before relocating to France to escape Pinochet’s regime. 

Lauded by critics for his surrealism and highly imaginative approach to narrative and visual style (defined by unconventional angles, close-ups, and innovative use of color), Ruiz created an extensive number of films that reflect a deep understanding of literature, history, and philosophy. Films such as “The Suspended Vocation”, “The Hypothesis of the Stolen Painting”, and “Mysteries of Lisbon” have attracted critical praise and interest.

Raúl Ruiz Films

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