Pedro Almodóvar

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Pedro Almodóvar

Born Sep 24, 1944. From Calzada de Calatrava, Ciudad Real, Spain.

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Posted on 8.28.2012

NYFF40: Pedro Almodóvar’s “Talk to Her”

The Spanish master returned to the New York Film Festival for the fifth time in 2002 with this Oscar-winning film, which screens Tuesday night as part of our ongoing 50 Years of the New York FIlm Festival series.

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Posted on 8.17.2011

49th NYFF Main Slate: Established Auteurs & A Number of New Faces

Along with the well-known international auteurs coming to Lincoln Center this fall, there are a number of new faces invited to the 2011 NYFF.

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Posted on 8.15.2011

“A Dangerous Method” & “The Skin I Live In” Announced As Galas at 49th NYFF

David Cronenberg and Pedro Almodóvar will receive Gala Screenings of their latest films at NYFF.

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Posted on 7.29.2011

49 Years of New York Opening Night Films

48 films have opened the New York Film Festival. Here's a list of all of them, including this year's just announced opener.

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Posted on 5.19.2011

Cannes Podcast: Smith & Foundas Debate von Trier, Discuss Almodovar & Sort Out 2011 Fest

In a rousing sidewalk audio podcast in Cannes this afternoon, Scott Foundas and Gavin Smith discuss the latest from the festival.

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Posted on 4.14.2011

Cannes Invites Almodovar, Dardennes, Kaurismaki, Malick, Moretti, Ramsay, von Trier, Refn & More

The lineup for the 64th Cannes Film Fest has been announced in Paris.

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Posted on 3.30.2011

Shorts and to the point! With the director of ND/NF selection MATCH

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Posted on 3.11.2011

Via When New Directors/New Films Was New Itself

Back in 1972, when the festival began, Alison Willmore notes, cinema was a very different landscape.

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