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Film of the Week: The Blue Room

By Jonathan Romney on Oct 1, 2014

Mathieu Amalric's adaptation of Georges Simenon's 1964 novel is infused with the robust formal energies and beguiling mysteries of its source

NYFF Diary #1: The Princess of France

By Max Nelson on Sep 30, 2014

Teasing out the Shakespearean language and intrigues in Argentine director Matías Piñeiro’s latest feature

Interview: Pedro Costa

By Neil Bahadur on Sep 29, 2014

Saudade on acid (or maybe just morphine): Costa speaks about the final installment of his Fontainhas tetralogy, Horse Money

Interview: David Fincher

By Amy Taubin on Sep 26, 2014

The full online-exclusive Film Comment interview with the director of Gone Girl, Opening Night film of this year’s New York Film Festival


Bombast: Belly

By Nick Pinkerton on Sep 26, 2014

Big pimpin': on Hype Williams's decadent, decade-defining aesthetics

Interview: Martín Rejtman

By Violet Lucca on Sep 25, 2014

The director of Two Shots Fired and The Magic Gloves discusses his films and aural fixation

NYFF: The 1968 Edition

By J. Hoberman on Sep 22, 2014

Misspent youth: J. Hoberman's vintage screed about the festival—misspellings included

Rep Diary: The Path of Oil

By Genevieve Yue on Sep 19, 2014

Bernardo Bertolucci's lone foray into documentary traverses many countries and formal conventions with complex results

Film of the Week: Pride

By Jonathan Romney on Sep 18, 2014

Matthew Warchus's pop-powered story of unlikely solidarity between miners and LGBT activists is charming, but never twee

Bombast: Blitz Package

By Nick Pinkerton on Sep 17, 2014

Gods and monsters: football players on the field, the big screen, behind the camera, or caught somewhere in-between

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