ND/NF Discovery: Medeni Griffith (UK)


Medeni Griffiths' quiet psychological thriller Summit follows the encounter of two very different people who meet on a mountaintop in Texas. The beautifully shot film screens in Shorts Program 1 of New Directors/New Films on March 24 (standby only) and March 25 (buy tickets).

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Medeni Griffiths

If you could work with any artist alive, who would it be?
I’d like to be on set with Terrence Malick and in his editing room.  Likewise with Andrea Arnold.

What was the most memorable day of shooting like?
Well, we shot Summit in one day, but in that day we survived rattlesnakes and tarantulas, hurricanes and snowstorms.  We got lost in deserts and up mountains.  It was an interesting day.

What are you most excited to do in NYC?
Meet up with friends, eat pizza, and show my parents around because they’ve never been to New York!

Describe your film Summit to someone who hasn't seen it.
It’s a film that explores how we are taught to be scared of strangers, and how perhaps sometimes those fears may be unfounded or short-sighted.

Favourite food on set.
We were saved by grapefruit Fanta that our amazing producer Brittany brought.  I think it saved our lives considering it was 110 degrees.

What is your favourite movie and why?
Clockwork Orange, because I’m British, and that’s just what it’s like over there.

Which parts of the filmmaking process do you enjoy the most?
I hate to say it, but I really do enjoy it all.  However, one of the best feelings is just after you write something and hand it to others to read - if they can appreciate the emotional subtleties you’re striving for, then you know you’ve got something interesting and exciting.  

Summit screens in Shorts Program 1 on March 24 (standby only) and March 25 (buy tickets).

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