Cannes Daily Buzz: Hot Topics Roundtable #2

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Critics Kenny Turan of the Los Angeles Times, Kyle Buchanan of Vulture, Jonathan Marlow of Fandor, and Stephanie Zacharek of Village Voice sat down with Film Society's Daily Buzz to discuss their Cannes experience so far. They discussed their most loved and most loathed films and individual aspects of films that made an impression.

Kenny Turan on judging films: "One thing Cannes teaches us is that there’s no film here that you can’t find someone who loves and you can’t find someone who hates. And it really underscores how it’s all really a matter of personal taste."

Kyle Buchanan on Tim Blake Nelson in As I Lay Dying: "He’s such a crazy, odd, unique, deeply-felt monster… He wrests the whole movie from everyone else and makes it all about him."

Jonathan Marlow on Claire Denis' Bastards: "She’s doing something that you really only see in literature these days. And it’s unfortunate that after more than 100 years that we’re not seeing more… creativity in the way stories are constructed."

Stephanie Zacharek on Alexander Payne's Nebraska: "Today, coming out of Nebraska, I wanted to stab my eyeballs out with a fruit knife. I mean, this picture—it just, it reads to me like a sub-sub-sub-Coen brothers knock-off."

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