NYFF Daily: Friday, 10/5 image

NYFF Daily: Friday, 10/5

TGIF! With a full day of Views from the Avant-Garde offerings, directors Michael Haneke, Olivier Assayas, and Michael Cimino attending screenings, and a midnight creeper to close, the 50th NYFF is poised to kick off a great middle weekend!

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The Extravagant Shadows image

The Extravagant Shadows

David Gatten's real-time experiment in (literally) watching paint dry is a beautiful discourse on language and time, and just one of many vibrant and essential offerings in this year's Views from the Avant-Garde.

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Inconceivable! “The Princess Bride” Reunion in Photos image

Inconceivable! “The Princess Bride” Reunion in Photos

Director Rob Reiner, screenwriter William Goldman and cast members Billy Crystal, Cary Elwes, Carol Kane, Mandy Patinkin, Chris Sarandon, Wallace Shawn and Robin Wright were reunited at NYFF for a 25th anniversary screening of cult classic The Princess Bride!

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NYFF: Behind the Posters image

NYFF: Behind the Posters

Learn more about the history of New York Film Festival posters and art collector Vera List, who pioneered the idea of posters as art at Lincoln Center and commissioned work from the likes of Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein for early NYFF posters.

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Riding the Waves of Change image

Riding the Waves of Change

Five years after his highly political Palme d'Or winner 4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days (NYFF '07), Cristian Mungiu returns with a film that once again epitomizes the current focus of the Romanian New Wave, the morally ambiguous Beyond the Hills.

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NYFF Daily: Thursday, 10/4 image

NYFF Daily: Thursday, 10/4

On the seventh day, we rested. Just kidding! NYFF is as busy as ever with free Amphitheater screenings to kick off Views from the Avant-Garde, docs on Buñuel and Cassavetes in our Cinéastes section, some heavily anticipated films from the Main Slate debut, and much more!

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NYFF Has a Secret (Screening) image

NYFF Has a Secret (Screening)

At the 49th New York Film Festival it was Martin Scorsese's Hugo. At this year's New Directors/New Films it was Beasts of the Southern Wild. What film will be surprising our audiences when it hits the Alice Tully Hall screen Monday, October 8 at 6:15pm?

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Photos from NYFF Opening Weekend image

Photos from NYFF Opening Weekend

The first weekend of the 50th New York Film Festival was packed with screenings, appearances, and live events. Check out our behind-the-scene photos of the directors, writers, presenters, actors and storytellers who made the weekend so special!

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NYFF Q&A: Paolo & Vittorio Taviani, “Caesar Must Die” image

NYFF Q&A: Paolo & Vittorio Taviani, “Caesar Must Die”

Praise, laughter and questions filled the Walter Reade Theater as the Italian filmmaking brothers sat down to share their experiences in creating Caesar Must Die at an NYFF press conference. Watch the full video here!

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NYFF Daily: Wednesday, 10/3 image

NYFF Daily: Wednesday, 10/3

Take a break from the work week with our tribute to the inimitable Nicole Kidman, films about John Cassavetes and Jean Renoir on day one of our Cinéastes/Cinema of Our Time section, and docs about music from Africa, Europe and North America. Rush ticket information within!

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