Newswire #2 Film Comment Selects closes and French Rendez-Vous begins

Posted by John Wildman on 3.7.2011

Film Comment Selects wrapped up things (appropriately for this film series) with appearances by an eclectic trio of filmmakers (Claude Lanzmann, John Landis and James Wan).

On Saturday, February 26, Lanzmann introduced and did extensive Q&A's for both SOBIBOR and THE KARSKI REPORT and continued the conversation with film goers afterward in the Walter Reade lobby. Thursday, March 3, the festival closed with a double feature/double whammy of John Landis (with his first narrative feature in a decade: BURKE AND HARE) and James Wan with his latest scare-fest, INSIDIOUS (joined by fellow SAW alum, Leigh Wannell and one of the stars of the film, PATRICK WILSON). Seats were hard to find for both screenings and after Landis charmed and entertained the crowd following the first screening, Wan, Wannell and Wilson took the baton and talked about their scare-fest after their screening before everyone closed out the night with an after party.  

FSLC Film Comment Selects 2/26 - Clause Lanzmann (photo by GODLIS)

Claude Lanzmann introduces SOBIBOR to the Walter Reade faithful on Saturday, February 26. (Photo by GODLIS)


FSLC Film Comment Selects 2/26 Kent Jones, Claude Lanzmann (photo by GODLIS)

Director and frequent Film Comment contributor Kent Jones interviews Lanzmann following the screening of THE KARSKI REPORT on Saturday, February 26. (Photo by GODLIS)


FSLC Film Comment Selects 3/3 - John Landis, Gavin Smith (photo by GODLIS)

John Landis points out his new comedy partner (Film Comment's Gavin Smith) and announces the launch of the highly anticipated Landis and Smith tour prior to the screening of BURKE AND HARE on Thursday, March 3 (Photo by GODLIS).


FSLC Film Comment Selects 3/3 - Patrick Wilson, Gavin Smith, James Wan, Leigh Wannell, Bob Berney (photo by GODLIS)

Patrick Wilson, Film Comment's Gavin Smith, James Wan, Leigh Wannell and Film District's Bob Berney prior to the screening of INSIDIOUS at Film Comment Selects on Thursday, March 3. (Photo by GODLIS.)


FSLC Film Comment Selects 3/3 -  Wilson, Wannell, Wan

Patrick Wilson, Leigh Whannell and James Wan think it's funny that their film (INSIDIOUS) just scared everyone to death at the Walter Reade, Thursday, March 3. (Photo by GODLIS.) 

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