Li Hanxiang’s Beauty of Beauties

Posted by Michael Gibbons on 5.9.2011

Daniel Kasman, Content Editor of MUBI, was kind enough to tell us which film he's most excited about seeing in our ongoing Taiwan Stories series:

"This series is particularly exciting because of the majority of unknown quantities programmed. It seems obvious to recommend the King Hu (his most well known film overseas, and hopefully a chance to see a beautiful print of it) and the Hou. But the film I'm most excited about is one I haven't seen: Li Hanxiang's Beauty of Beauties. I was among many Western audience members wowed during the Shaw Bros. retrospective at the Film Society several years ago when they screened Li's classic opera The Love Eterne (which, incidentally, King Hu was assistant director on), and we should all be lucky if this 1965 film is half as gorgeous and moving as that masterpiece."

Described as a spectacular historical epic, Beauty of Beauties is screening again at the Walter Reade Theater on Thursday. Get your tickets now!

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