About Applications

Will you fax an application to me?
-No. We will not fax applications. Print an application form from our website or call us at 212-875-5610 to have an application mailed to you.

Why won't the application form open up on my computer?
-A festival's application form is a PDF file. Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to open and download a festival's application form.

I am having trouble printing the application, and I must mail it in immediately. What should I do?
-You may type and print your own list of the information asked for on the application. Mail this in with a copy of your film entry.

The application does not ask for photos. Are they needed?
-They are not necessary for submission. If your work is selected, scenes from the film/video and an image of the director will be needed immediately. JPEGs can be emailed, or you can send in stills or slides.

I was able to find the application on the website, but now it is gone. What happened?
-Once a deadline has passed for a festival, we remove the application from our website.

The application for the festival I'm interested in is not available. How can I get it?
-The New York Film Festival: application forms are available online late May & the deadline for submissions is early July.
-New Directors/New Films: application forms are available online early November & the deadline for submissions is early January.

Is there a year-to-year mailing list for festival applications?
-No. Print an application form from our website or call us at 212-875-5610 to have an application mailed to you.

About Deadlines

Is the deadline the date I need to have my entry postmarked, or the date you need to have received my entry?
-The deadline is the date we need to have RECEIVED your entry.

Can I send in my entry late?
-No. Please note that the committee watches films in the order by which they have arrived, so we encourage early submissions.

I have completely missed this year’s festival deadline. What can I do?
-Please consider submitting to next year’s festival or to our next festival event. Consult our website for festival dates and other information.

About Works-in-Progress and Rights

What if my work is a work-in-progress?
-Please submit the most finished version of your film by the deadline. We will only accept ONE version of your film.

I have not obtained the rights to use everything in my film, but would like to submit it. What can I do?
-We will accept films submissions that include found footage, images, or audio. However, all rights to such materials MUST be cleared before the film can be shown publicly at any of our festivals. The Film Society of Lincoln Center is NOT responsible for obtaining the rights to any elements used in your film.

About Submissions

Can someone tell me that my entry has arrived?
-If you wish to be notified of the receipt of your submission, please include a Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope with your entry. We will send the envelope back when you submission arrives. Alternatively, you can send your entry using a mail service with tracking capability such as UPS, FedEx, or registered mail. You may also call us at 212-875-5610, but please wait at least ONE WEEK after the deadline has passed.

Will my materials be returned to me?
-No. Due to the high number of entries we receive for each festival, we are not able to return preview tapes, DVDs, photographs or press materials. If you submit a film print (16mm or 35mm) or HD Cam, after the film has been viewed, you can pick up the print or have the festival use your FedEx, UPS, or DHL number for the return shipping. We do NOT pay for the shipping costs during this pre-selection process.

I made changes to my film. Can I send in a second, newer version?
-We will only accept ONE version of your film. Please do NOT send a second copy, regardless any changes that have been made.

How do I update my address and/or telephone number?
-Please call 212-875-5610 to update the personal information on your application.

Can I send you updates concerning my film’s screening history, festival history, press clippings, etc.?
-Yes. Mail such updates to the address on the application or fax it to 212-875-5636, clearly labeled with the film’s title and your name.

I just discovered I sent in a broken copy of my video or DVD. What should I do?
-First, please make certain the copy you submitted was broken. If you are certain, please send a working version of your film to the same address as on the application. Include a note explaining that the old tape is broken and the new copy will replace it.

About Notification

When will I find out the status of my film?
-We notify filmmakers by email, regardless of their film’s status. If you have not received any notification ONE MONTH after the deadline, please call 212-875-5610 for information.

If accepted, what exhibition formats can my film be SCREENED in?
-The New York Film Festival: 16mm or 35mm
-New Directors/New Films Festival: 16mm, 35mm, HD Cam

If my film is accepted, do you cover my travel and other expenses during your film festivals?
-In most cases, a per diem is given to the filmmaker to apply to his/her travel expenses. The festivals do NOT cover personal expenses. The Festivals cover shipping costs to and from the filmmaker, or one-way shipping costs to other festivals for accepted works.

If my film is rejected, will someone tell me why?
-Due to the large number of entries we receive, our selection committee members cannot offer an individual critique of films.

If my film is rejected from this year’s festival, should I resubmit it next year?
-We only recommend re-submitting if you have radically changed your film.

Just Wondering

Are you affiliated with the New York International Independent Film and Video Festival?
-No. Our festival, the New York Film Festival, is open to the public and has been running for over 40 years. We do not charge filmmakers to participate in our festivals.The New York International Independent Film and Video Festival is an annual market -- not a film festival -- charging filmmakers a fee to participate.

If you have additional questions, please email festival@filmlinc.com  or call 212-875-5610.

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